Once our services are engaged, everything can be left in our care, giving peace of mind to you, the bereaved and dignity to the deceased. Ulltimate Funeral Undertakers provides the following:


Private cemetry

Ultimate Gardens .... is an eternity cemetry
With the establishment of private cemetery, ultimate garden, Chief (Mrs.) Sina-Alli as further stamped her authority in the care for the dead according to the CEO, most families now know the value and important of burying their love ones in a decent, well maintained and generations enduring cemetery. Some of the reasons are to keep memories alive and to be able to trace family history.
      “All these values” Chief Sina –Alli said, are not available in a public cemetery, rather it is readily available in ULTIMATE GARDENS which is an eternity cemetery.
      ULTIMATE GARDENS is divided into four allotments:
      - Royal Allotment
      - Noble Allotment
      - Distinguished Allotment
      - Celebrity Allotment

“It is note worthy to mention that only people with reputable personality will be buried in the 4 allotments”, said the woman undertaker.

In ULTIMATE GARDENS the security of dead is paramount; hence there is maximum security both day and night. Entry into the cemetery for visitation is strictly by a secured identification card. There is also a glass chapel in the garden to facilitate funeral services and ease the burden of the bereaved.
ULTIMATE UNDERTAKERS is a first class outfit that offers impressive services hence your satisfaction is guaranteed. All those who had patronized them have had no whatsoever.
      At ULTIMATE FUNERAL UNDERTAKERS only the best is good for you.
Comfortable casket
Printing of Obituaries and cards
Decoration of venue of lying in state
MAking of fresh and plastic wreaths
Provision of shroud
Government certification documents
Marble tombstone
Cleaning of family Home and surroundings
Transportation to the state of origin or country
Collection of corpse and dressing of corpse
Brass Band
Hearse Services
Pall Bearers
Collection and dressing of corpse
Arrangement of vaults

Ultimate Funeral Undertakers was established in 1991 by Chief (Mrs) Seun Sina-Alli (Nee Agunbiade), the first woman to set up such an organisation in Nigeria and the whole of Africa. In deed it had not been known that any other woman had set up such a complete package funeral outfit including funeral service and private cemetry before 1991.


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