Our Services
  Ulltimate Funeral Undertakers provides the following:
  - Private Cemetry
  - Comfortable Casket
  - Printing of Obituaries
  - Thank You cards
  - Arrangement of vaults
  - Collection of corpse and dressing of corpse
  - Provision of shroud and accessories such as gloves, socks, veils and underwear
  - Decoration of venue of lying-in-state
  - Making of fresh and plastic wreaths
  - Music for funeral procession
  - Photographers and video recording
  - Casket bearers
  - Funeral Hearse
  - Embalment
  - Transportation to the state of origin or country
  - Government certification documents
  - Cremation
  - Marble tombstone
  - Photographs - Cars, Coffin, Pall bearer etc

- Cleaning of family Home and surroundings: we make the homes of the deceased and the family condusive enough for the burial by cleaning the whole house and making the surroundings tidy, trimming the flowers ,lawn etc. in preparation for the burial.


  Once our services are engaged, everything can be left in our care, giving peace of mind to you, the bereaved and dignity to the deceased.
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